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Academy Nominations

If you are an Iowa resident and are interested in obtaining a nomination from Senator Harkin to attend one of the service academies, you will need to complete his online Service Academy Nomination Application and provide the materials listed below. Senator Harkin's Service Academy nominations are administered out of his Cedar Rapids Office. Please submit all materials, and direct all questions to:

Senator Tom Harkin
Attention: Academy Nomination Coordinator
111 Seventh Avenue SE; Box 16
Suite 480
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401-2101
(319) 365-4504

It is recommended that you start the process in the spring of your junior year. Senator Harkin will start accepting applications after March 1. The following materials must be completed and received in his Cedar Rapids office by September 30th.

  • Fill out the Online Service Academy Nomination Application.
  • SAT or ACT scores: The Senator's ACT code is 7130 and his SAT code is 6287. Only official test score results sent directly from the testing service are accepted.
  • A minimum of three (3) but no more than five (5) letters of recommendation. At least two (2) letters must come from someone who is familiar with your academic record, such as a teacher or your school principal or superintendent. At least one (1) letter must come from someone who knows you from the community such as an employer, a church leader, a scout leader, or a long time neighbor (someone who knows you well but is not related to you). Letters of recommendation must be sent to Senator Harkin's Cedar Rapids office at the address listed above.
  • High School (and college, if applicable) grade transcript, including grade point average on a four point scale and class rank.

You should contact the academies you are interested in as soon as possible. The academy admissions office will furnish the materials they require. Because the competition for a nomination is so difficult, it is recommended that you also open a pre-candidate file with the office of your Representative in the House and with Senator Grassley's office.

Following the September 30th deadline, a preliminary screening is done to determine which applicants will receive an interview with Senator Harkin's Advisory Board. The Advisory Board will rank the applicants based on their application packet and their interview. Senator Harkin uses the competitive method of nomination which means that he will submit a slate of up to 10 names to each academy and from this slate the individual schools will make the final selection. Senator Harkin will normally submit his nominations to the Academies by the middle of December.

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