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Senator Harkin's Resource Center

Having Trouble Finding The Information You Need?

Senator Harkin's Resource Center should be your first stop in finding information on consumer, health, business, and legal assistance programs.


Icon - Housing

Guide to Housing

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Icon - Energy

Resources to help tackle high energy prices.

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Icon - Medicare

Helpful resources and information on Medicare, the new Medicare Prescription Program, and what you need to do to take advantage of it all.

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Icon - Veterans

Resources for our veterans.

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Iowa Disability

Icon - Iowa Disability

Resources and advocates for Iowans with disabilities and their families.

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Small Business

Icon - Small Business

Sources of assistance for the small business person.

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Icon - Seniors

A senior consumer handbook with information on issues not just for seniors!

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Health Care & Insurance

Icon - Health Care & Insurance

Need answers to your questions about health care resources and insurance coverage? Start here.

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Travel & Transportation

Icon - Travel & Transportation

Governmental resources for travel - local and international

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Identity Theft

Icon - Identity Theft

Prevention and what to do if you are a victim of identify theft

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Legal & Financial Services

Icon - Legal & Financial Services

Guide to services -- governmental and association-based

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