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Creating a Robust Public Health System

Creating a Robust Public Health System

Iowans deserve a modern, proactive public health system that guards against public health crises, responds effectively in time of need and works to support the development of new treatments and cures for the diseases that afflict them. Because of his commitment to improving Iowa's public health, Harkin has:

  • Established seven new Community Health Centers (CHCs) in Iowa and expanded services at the six existing CHCs, improving medical care for rural and underserved populations.

  • Helped author and pass the Affordable Care Act, the health reform law, which:

    • Prohibits insurance companies from excluding coverage of pre-existing conditions for the more than 700,000 children in Iowa.

    • Will help ensure that the 302,000 uninsured Iowans and 171,000 Iowans who purchase health insurance through the individual market have access to affordable health insurance options.

    • Allows more than 300,000 young adults in Iowa to be able to remain covered by their parent's insurance policy until age 26.

    • Provides tax credits for up to 48,600 Iowa small businesses to help make coverage more affordable.

  • Increased funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the federal agency responsible for medical research. Harkin led the effort to double NIH funding over five years, making critical funding available for cancer research.

  • Led the effort to completely transform and modernize the Center for Diseases Control's facilities, improving their ability to respond to outbreaks and contain threats.