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Ensuring Access to a Quality Education

Ensuring Access to a Quality Education

"Education is the key to success in this country. It has the ability to transform an individual's life and give them opportunities above and beyond the generations that came before them. Every American should have a chance at an outstanding, well-rounded education." - Senator Tom Harkin
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A well-educated America is the single most important factor in maintaining our productivity and global leadership, creating and keeping good jobs in our country, and preparing all Americans to contribute to their communities and our nation at their full potential. To ensure our future success, we must do everything we can to provide Americans with the best education possible.

As Chairman of the Senate Education Committee and of the Appropriations panel that funds education initiatives, Senator Harkin is committed to improving the quality of education at all levels and to ensuring that every American student has access to a 21st Century education.

Ensuring Children Start School Ready to Succeed

Maintaining Modern, Safe Facilities for Kids to Learn

Supporting Teacher Quality

Promoting Student Health and Well-Being

Providing Access to the Arts and Physical Education

Ensuring Access to an Affordable, Quality College Education or Skills Training