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Appropriations Requests

Requests for Authorization Regarding Military Construction Facilities


132nd Fighter Wing Corrosion Control Hangar

Amount: $4,750,000

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

Recipient: Iowa Air National Guard

Description: A new corrosion control facility is required to eliminate the current minimum required distance restrictions around the munitions storage area. Additionally, the proposed new location will more centrally locate these functions with the current maintenance hangar operations area providing a more efficient work flow. The project will also meet current anti-terrorism force protection requirements and will be LEED certified. The project will provide a hangar, shop area, and wash rack with treatment and collection system. This project will add another 9,000 square foot of usable space for the Maintenance squadron that has a current shortfall of 57,258 square foot.


Camp Dodge RTI Phase I

Amount: $9,000,000

Location: Johnston, Iowa

Recipient: Army National Guard

Description: This project will construct the first phase of a new Regional Training Institute on Camp Dodge. Phase I consists of living quarters for personnel serving at the complex. The 185th Regiment provides regionalized combat arms, leadership, military occupational specialty, additional skill identifier, officer professional development, warrant officer professional development, noncommissioned officer education system, Combat Lifesaver training and general studies training for the Army National Guard, to support the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and Army Force Generation training requirements. These changes in training requirements were unforeseen and the need to accommodate the increased requirements is urgent and cannot wait for the normal Military Construction Process.


Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF)

Amount: $5,700,000

Location: Johnston, IA

Recipient: Iowa Army National Guard

Description: The CACTF is a non live-fire training facility designed to accommodate the Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System for training purposes. The CACTF consists of buildings and vehicular and pedestrian circulation systems. Supporting features, such as overhead and underground utility systems, walls and fences, and streetscape elements arranged to depict urbanized terrain, may be added as options. This project is included in the Future Years Defense Program.


Davenport AFRC Phase I

Amount: $8,000,000

Location: Davenport, Iowa

Recipient: Army National Guard

Description: This project will construct the first phase of a new Armed Forces Reserve Center in Davenport, Iowa. Replacement of the current Readiness Center with an Armed Forces Reserve Center will allow the Iowa Army National Guard to vacate their current buildings; a shuttered 1916 building and a 1952 Readiness Center. If funded, this project will provide a facility that can support the readiness, recruiting, retention and training of the assigned soldiers of the Iowa Army National Guard. Proper and adequate training, maintenance, storage, and administrative areas will ensure the attainment of required mobilization readiness levels. The National Guard's secondary mission of executing the orders of the Governor in times of emergency will also be enhanced by providing an additional adequate facility for emergency response to respond to a natural or man-made disaster, or in response to a National Emergency or crisis. The new facility is needed to meet current standards for the recruitment, retention, and training of soldiers.


Sioux City Gateway Airport Security Forces Building

Amount: $1,950,000

Location: Davenport, Iowa

Recipient: Iowa Air National Guard

Description: This project is an addition / alteration to an existing facility. Additions include reinforced concrete foundation and floor slab with steel framed masonry walls and roof structure, interior walls and utilities. Alterations include a relocation, extension and rearrangement of interior walls and utilities. The floor plan will be altered match the addition. Exterior alterations will include access and circulating pavements, utilities, fire protection support, and site improvements. This project is included in the Future Years Defense Program.